Harbor Art Press Release — Small Works Show

Beginning November 8, Harbor Art Gallery in downtown Port Angeles will be highlighting “small works” by local artists. The show will continue throughout December.

The gallery is home to a spectrum of artists; three-dimensional art such as ceramics, jewelry, works of wood, glass, and metal, will accompany two-dimensional paintings, drawings, photographs, and relief prints.

“I love the variety of work that shows up in the gallery,” said Nathan Shields, a local artist.

Harbor Art Gallery is open 11:00am to 4:00pm Tuesday through Saturday. During the Second Saturday Art Walk, the gallery is open until 7pm and visitors can meet with members of the artist cooperative.

The gallery showcases work by local artists Bob Stokes and Cindy Elstrom, Carolyn Guske, Robert Amaral, Kelly Coffey, Garret Delabarre, Terri Ench, Tammy Hall, David Johannessohn, Susan Kantowitz, Ruth Kaspin, Nancy McFaul, Gail McLain, Roger Mosley, Eric Neurath, Randy and Sallie Radock, Jodi Riverstone, Nathan Shields, Lance and Haley Snider, Eileen Webb, and Kevin Willson.

Starfish by Terri Enck
“Summer Grazers” by Jodi Riverstone
“Teasels” by Nathan Shields


Linocut: 3-step reduction
Approximately 9″x14″
Variation I: Limited edition of 10

Shirts available

Variation II: Limited edition of 14

Variation III: Limited edition of 16


Linocut, 2-step reduction
12″ x 17″
Limited edition of 24

Snails with imagined shell patterns.

Edition variant
Limited run of 8.


Linocut, 2-step reduction
Limited edition of 40
10″ x 16″

Inspired by the General Sherman tree in California, this image is equally representative of scenery on the Olympic Peninsula.